January 6, 2020

One of the most friendly loans in our market


Some financial matters simply do not wait and require a loan that is available immediately. Until recently, loans supported by a nation-wide network of agents played their primary role in bringing money to their clients’ door. The lender’s loan, however, is able to compete boldly thanks to a sophisticated technical solution, and it will not leave you in the worst even if your financial situation develops a little differently than you expected.

Really reasonable interest rate and great references from satisfied users – these are the biggest benefits of lender’s loan. It offers very favorable conditions not only until the conclusion of the loan, but also throughout the process of drawing installments. Outstanding receivables The lender’s loan is not immediately passed on to the collection company, but seeks to agree on a more reasonable solution, for example in the form of a repayment schedule.

Lender’s loan prides itself on a friendly pro-client approach


Each lender’s loan client is individually assessed according to many criteria. The system looks at the registers, but calculates the ability to repay based on other information. The loan is also available to people without permanent employment, such as mothers on maternity leave or recipients of old age or disability pensions.

The loan applicant will learn the result within a very short time. The first loan can be used completely free of charge. It is primarily used to familiarize yourself with a convenient online profile for account management and to verify the safety and transparency of the process. The website also offers a very clear installment calculator or a list of the most frequently asked questions.

And how much can I borrow?

  • New customer: $ 50 to $ 50.
  • Verified customer $ 50 to $ 500.

Money will typically arrive in your account the next business day, but no later than 3 days.

Online loan with all the trimmings that protect the privacy of clients

Online loan with all the trimmings that protect the privacy of clients

When applying for a non-bank lender’s loan you really don’t have to go anywhere or send notarized signatures by mail. It is available through the classic online form and will require verification of your phone number and bank account. Keep in mind that the bank account must be kept in your name – disposition rights are not enough!

You do not have to worry about verifying your income with your employer. Company representatives are always highly discreet and never use terms such as “non-bank loan provider” when introducing lender’s loans to your privacy. However, if in doubt, just send a confirmation from your bank account or the last two pay slips. It’s up to you.

And what other benefits does lender’s loan offer its clients?

And what other benefits does lender

Especially flexible possibility to extend the loan repayment period. It is possible to request either postponement of the installment or directly for a very favorable payment schedule for unexpected situations. In short, when online loan, it really is 100%.