April 10, 2019

Loans for Pensioners, i.e. Rent and Loan

At present, there are around 1.38 million Poles in disability pensions due to inability to work in Poland. Pensioners and pensioners are a very large social group that has the greatest need for an additional injection of cash. Everything, because the pension / pension is very low and is not enough to meet current needs.

Many seniors use additional money not only for their own needs, related to, for example, treatment. They need an extra cash injection to help their relatives. Older people will also borrow electronic equipment for their grandchildren or to finance family celebrations.

People who are on a pension often sign credit agreements when buying more expensive home appliances or RTV. Pensioners also borrow to fund the renovation of a flat or house. Unfortunately, most elderly people simply help the family in realizing their dreams of a car or foreign holidays.

Rent, and the loan online?

Rent, and the loan online?

Many pensioners have the option of using a bank loan or non-banking services. In non-bank companies, pensioners have a wide selection of loans. Especially for them, an installment loan and a payday loan are available. The amount of the loan depends on the income earned.

Non-bank companies willingly grant loans to pensioners, because companies are sure that these people regularly pay off their liabilities. Therefore, people on a pension should have no difficulty getting a loan from a parabank. Older people may decide to apply for it online or visit a company that is stationary.

Older people who apply for a loan should have a valid ID card, bank account, mobile phone number, e-mail address, Polish citizenship and Polish address. In addition, a certificate of income is also often required, and in the case of a pensioner’s loan – an annuity or bank statement. If we meet all the statutory requirements, we will easily be awarded an online loan in 15 minutes. If we look well, we can also find the first loan offer for free, which means that the first loan taken from 100 to 3000 PLN for 30 days. Such a loan will not cost us anything, provided that we repay it in full on time.

Are pensioners a good group for loan companies?

Are pensioners a good group for loan companies?

Seniors are a very specific group of borrowers. Seniors are good clients for loan companies – they have fixed, guaranteed, regular income. Pensioners also have many opportunities to receive loans. Loan institutions are happy to grant loans to pensioners. Rensi is a very good customer repair because he has regular income.

People who are on pension usually receive periodic cash benefits paid by the insurance institution – ZUS as part of the social security system. Anyone who gets a pension can apply for a non-bank loan quickly and easily. All you need to do is choose one of the offers available online, prepare an “episode” confirming receipt of the pension in the last month, complete the application on the lender’s website and possibly confirm your identity. Loans for people on a pension are usually paid to a bank account. Increasingly, however, you can pick them up, for example, at the post office, which is a great option for those who are not completely convinced of electronic banking. Depending on the amount of the loan required, the pensioner can choose either a payment or a loan with the repayment option in installments.