October 13, 2019

Fast money on account and at gas stations

Getting a quick loan today is not a problem if you have a bank account at one of the larger bank. But what if for whatever reason you need money directly in cash, preferably within 24 hours? Then there’s a loan from Good Finance. What should you know?


Quick and straightforward processing of the application – these are the words that characterize the Good Finance loan and we decided to verify the claim.

The first introduction looks good, we looked at the Loan24 – everything can be handled conveniently online , and there is no need to send an obligatory USD 1 to the company’s account, which many providers require even before your application is approved.

A small minus is the necessity of proof of income , either a copy of the paycheck or perhaps a confirmation from the Labor Office on receipt of benefits. No matter what kind of income, there must be only one.

You cannot borrow the principles of responsible lending or insolvency


Good Finance adheres to the responsible lending policy . He looks at the registers and simply does not lend to overindebted clients. However, a registry entry does not automatically mean that you will be rejected.

Rather, be prepared for a smaller loan amount and higher interest. And the same is true if you are struggling with a criminal record.

On the other hand, it does not discriminate against its older clients in any way. The minimum limit for loan approval is 18 years, the upper limit is not set. Almost anyone can reach a loan before payday or retirement.

Discreet and fast loan at the gas station


You will receive the money in your bank account within 15 minutes after the loan is approved. And if you absolutely need cash? Then I have prepared for you Good Finance advantageous cooperation with a network of gas stations Loan24 (191 branches throughout the country).

Simply apply for an on-line loan (you will appreciate the customization of the website also for mobile interfaces) and then pick up the money and at your nearest Loan24 gas station 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Everything is fast and anonymous . You do not ask in your own name but through a Good Finance voucher. The station operator does not know at all that it is money for a non-purpose loan, unless you reveal yourself at the box office. And how long does the process take? On average 15 minutes after application approval.

How do you know it’s time to think about refinancing a loan?

A flexible loan for everyone


Any amount from USD 500 to 30,000 can be borrowed at Good Finance. The amount on the slider jumps in hundreds of crowns, so you don’t have to pay for what you don’t need. Completely new clients can use the limit of USD 5,000 , which increases with every successfully repaid loan up to USD 30,000.

And if you run into trouble, don’t forget to take advantage of the loan refinancing option. My Client Center staff will talk to you as soon as the first issues arise.

You will not be referred to a ‘deadline’ solution tied to high fees and interest. Responsible access to the loan will certainly pay off at Good Finance.